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Harrogate Valentine Red Lipstick Beauty Tips

For all of you who read my first beauty tips blog, and with Valentines Day fast approaching, you should have perfect lips or know how to, please ask if you have questions.  Which leads me to my second blog, I thought it would be perfect to show you how to achieve a “stay-put” lipstick, whether it be red for Valentine or just a nude!

Lipstick applications range from simple, blotted-on stains to combinations of lip pencil, lipstick and gloss.

The right shade works with your skin tone & should complement the natural colour in your lips. You can choose different formulas, which include, Matt, sheer, shimmery, & creamy lipsticks & glosses, matt has the longest staying power.


Harrogate Sharon Hart Lip Colour


Colour & application

1. First of all cover your lips in with foundation or concealer to even out any discolouration.

2. Using your chosen colour lip liner, line & completely fill in the lips.

Red Liner Harrogate Valentine Lips

3. Blot & with a brush powder the lips.

4. Apply your lipstick with a lip brush, blot again & repeat.

Sharon Hart Makeup Lipstick Application

5. Apply a little transparent lip gloss to the bottom lid if you like some shine, this will make the lips appear fuller too.


Guide for selecting the right lip colour

Finding the right colour for you would be to remove all your make up & find the natural colour in your lips, use the guide to help, but everyone one has a shade of colour in their lips. The one that looks good on the naked face is the right shade, it should enhance the natural colour of your lips & your skin tone, once you have established the right one it will lift your whole face & make the eyes look brighter!

Harrogate Lipstick Brands


Who will be the lucky one to kiss your lips this Valentine?

Happy Valentine!

Be back soon

Sharon X


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