Beauty tips dry flaky lips Harrogate Makeup

As a makeup artist and beauty therapist, I often come across dry, flaky lips, especially during changeable weather at this time of year, so would like to share some tips to achieve a beautiful look and feel.

Beauty tips dry flaky lips Harrogate Makeup

One of the problems I see regularly in my brides is dry lips. Lips lack several of the body’s protective substances, their lack of hydrating sebaceous glands makes them prone to chapping & dryness, As a results you will find your lipstick/lip-gloss will have no staying power & will just highlight the flaky skin on your lips.

Here are 4 easy tips to attain soft, smooth & kissable lips.

1. Olive oil & sugar (homemade remedy)

Beauty tips dry flaky lips Harrogate Makeup

For those who appreciate simple & inexpensive home remedies, mixing together a little olive & granulated sugar, then rubbing your lips with it, simply rinse & finish with your favourite lip balm or Vaseline.

2. The toothbrush trick

Beauty tips dry flaky lips Harrogate Makeup

This is the easiest & perhaps best known way to smooth out lips: apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your lips, then use a soft toothbrush ( I use a baby’s toothbrush as it is soft but has a small head for better control). Gently buff with your tooth brush until the dead skin comes away. finish off by rinsing & applying some more Vaseline or lip balm. Easy!

3. Lush lip scrub ( in various flavours )

Beauty tips dry flaky lips Harrogate Makeup

My 14 year old daughter introduced me to this fab lip scrub, her favourite flavour is bubble gum, sounds awful I know but actually it’s really nice, you are suppose to rinse it off but I think children seem to rather like the taste!!

It is made from fair trade sugar & organic jojoba oil, simply apply, using your middle finger in circular movements rub onto your lips & rinse. Finish off with lip balm.

4. Hot cloth treatment

Beauty tips dry flaky lips Harrogate Makeup

This is the method I use when having a hot soak in the bath. Simply soak a flannel in the water, wring it out & place on your lips for 5 minutes until the flaky skin is soft, then using the flannel to rub in circular movements, repeat if necessary. Then apply lip balm.

For those brides that are getting married this year, you should have the best hydrated lips!!

That’s all for now, good luck with it & maybe in my next blog, I can give tips on lipstick application on those beautiful, smooth, kissable lips.

Best wishes

Sharon Hart xxx


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